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REVIEW: WandaVision Episode 1

by admin

As a big marvel fan the anticipation of the first episode of Wanda Vision was enormous. There hasn’t been any new Marvel Cinematic Universe content since J Johan Jamieson revealed Spider-Man’s identity. That was June 2019. It’s been a year and a half. I guess as marvel fans we got spoiled. I can recall a time where anticipating a big tent pole movie would be at summer break from school let alone it being a marvel, dc or any other comic content. So we have reached an age where patience for this type of genre is the thing of the past, if things don’t go as planned like the pandemic. The plan for now is to have minimal gaps when waiting for new movies and streaming shows for MCU stuff. So with that out of the way let’s dive into the first episode of wanda vision.

The show starts with Wanda and the deceased Vision from avengers infinity, arriving at their new home after their wedding ceremony to start their new blissful life in the town of Westview. We will have to wait and see how Vision is able to return from Infinity War. The show is supposed to replicate american sitcoms through each decade. First viewing replicates the 1950s era including black and white colour and other 50s troups. The show Bewitched heavily influences this first episode. The plot revolves around Wanda and Vision trying to figure why the current date in their calendar is identified by a heart. Turns out Vision’s boss and his wife are invited for dinner as the heart represents his boss’s name. Wanda meets their neighbor Agnes. The two figure the heart on the calendar represents their anniversary and she should prepare. Some hijinks occur because of the mix up when Vision, Mr heart and wife arrive at their residence. Wanda is caught off guard and has to use her powers to prepare a meal. The episode comes to an end when Mr. Heart questions their past at the dinner table and begins to choke as he is eating. Wanda commands Vision to help him and he is forced to use his powers to remove the food stuck in his throat. That incident turned the show’s tune eerie. Upon Mr. Heart being saved the upbeat 50s style continues and Mr heart and wife leave happily. The end credits roll and the frame zooms out to show that someone is watching Wanda and Vision as if its a show on television. I am assuming this is the MCU reality that we are accustomed to and Westview is alternative reality. 

I must say that the style and the commitment to the 50s sitcom style was pulled off in very genuine fashion. I was convinced I was watching a rerun of an old show airing many decades ago. My thoughts so far is that we have two different parallel stories going on. One is the story inside Westview and the story that will take place outside of it. The episode on its own seems to provide little payoff to the overall plot of the series but a must watch to see what the mystery is all about. The comic book inspiration of the Wanda Vision definitely takes from the House of M storyline where Wanda creates a different reality to deal with a tragedy with her character. All I can say to conclude is I hope the ending of this series satisfies its viewers. My theory for major plot lines is that Wanada is the one responsible for what is happening but is being mind controlled by another character. Mephisto is Marvel’s version of the devil. Perhaps he is orchestrating  all this behind the scenes and manipulating Wanada to do as he pleases. Also to note that there was a rumor that Evan Peters was cast into this show. Evan Peters played Peter Maximoff, “Quicksilver”, Wanda’s brother. However this version of Quicksilver was in the Fox Marvel Universe. Aaron Taylor-Johnson played the MCU version of quicksilver but his character died in Avengers: Age of Ultron. If Evan Peters were to play the same Fox version character, it would be through the Marvel Multiverse. The Multiverse is the collection of alternate universes that share a universal hierarchy. This would be the way his character can be introduced. This wouldn’t be possible if Disney/Marvel Studios did not purchase Fox and their intellectual properties. Fox owned all the X-Men characters and were in a sharing agreement for Quicksilver and Wanda. An amalgamation of the two universes would be epic on a grand scale. They have already done this with the character of J Johan Jamison and Sony Marvel Universe. 

 With all these theories and potential storylines Wanda Vision has the potential to deliver a creative and very captivating television series.  I look forward to what direction they take with this show. I would give this episode a 7/10.

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