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Top 10 most subscribed YouTubers

by Asif Khan

10. Vlad and Niki

Vlad and Niki is a channel featuring two Russian brothers (Vladislav Vashketov and Nikita Vashketov). At ages 8 and 5 boy genius comes to mind. Their channel has 64 million subscribers and counting. They started their channel in April of 2018. Their channel was created by a production company called Content Media Group FZC LLC. Their videos are consist of them playing with toys and making vlogs with their mother. They also have their own tv show for children on 16 channels. You can find their channel here.

9. Zee Music Company

Zee music company is an Indian-owned music channel owned by Zee Entertainment. Consists of have over 70 million subscribers, and over 35 billion views. Their channel features different a varirty of musicians in many genres. The channel was created in March of 2014 and instantly became popular. Their videos are most viewed popular in South Asia. You can find their channel here.

8. 5-Minute Crafts

5-minute crafts is an extremely popular youtube channel. It is a channel dedicated to life hacks and DIY projects. 5-Minute crafts has over 71 million subscribers and over 19 billion views. The channels first started in November of 2018 in the United States. All of their videos are generally 5 minutes long hence the name. Their videos are popular among all ages. You can find their channel here.

7. Like Nastya

Like Nastya is another channel featuring a child stared aim at that demographic. The channel has 72 million subscribers and over 55 billion views. Based on Nastya and her family adventures, the channel includes of skits, interaction with toys, andvlogs. It is achannel based in Russia that was created in December of 2018. You can find the channel here.

6. WWE

The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is a channel owned by them. It has over 75 million subscribers and over 56 billion views. The channel features wrestling matches, promos for upcoming events and interviews with wrestlers. They joined youtube in May 2007 and since then gained a lot of popularity. The channel is caterred to fans of WWE. You can find their channel here.

5. Kids Diana Show

The Kids Diana show features a child star with over 76 million subscribers and over 53 billion views. The channel is run by her parents. Videos consist of unboxings, skits, and toy reviews. Aim at children viewign this continues to grow. You can find the channel here.

4. SET India

SET India (Sony Entertainment Television) is a Sony-owned channel. The channel has 100 million subscribers and over 82 billion views. Hindi-speaking content features different episodes of tv shows produced by Sony, including uploads of Indian Idol as well. This channel was made in September of 2006. You can find their channel here.

3. Cocomelon

Cocomelon is a channel owned by Moonbug Entertainment company. It is a channel that makes animated videos about nursery rhymes or educational songs for children. It has 108 million subscribers and over 97 billion views. Their channel was made in September of 2006. It is a US-made channel directed to children. Their subscriber and view count are constantly growing every day. You can find their channel here.

2. PewDiePie

Pewdiepie is an extremely popular Swedish YouTuber. His channel has 109 million subscribers and 27 billion views. Pewdiepie was considered the king of youtube. Untill recently he was the most popular and most subscribed youtube channel. His channel features gaming, unboxings, and reacting to videos. He mostly makes videos of him playing Minecraft. He made his channel in April of 2010. You can find his channel here.

  1. T-Series

T-series is the most subscribed youtube channel by a long shot. It has over 178 million subscribers and over 148 billion views! It is an Indian-based youtube channel that features Indian music videos made by multiple different musicians. It is the fastest growing youtube channel gaining millions of views every day. It was made in March of 2006. You can find their channel here.

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