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REVIEW: WandaVision Episode 6

by admin

For this episode we enter the 90s and early 2000s. This is the halloween special. The opening credits are inspired by Malcom in the Middle with Pietro included as part of the family. Billy and Tommy break the fourth wall to resemble Malcom. The episode begins with Billy and Tommy excited for Halloween. They see Pietro sleeping on the couch and think of him as a vampire awake at night and sleeping during the day. Peitro plays around with the two of them. Wanda appears wearing her comic book accurate costume and explains that her costume is supposed to be a sokovian fortune teller. Pietro and Tommy also reveal their comic accurate costume. Vision also appears to wear his comic accurate costume which he says is a uniform for a mexican wrestler. Vision tells Wanda he won’t be able to take the boys to trick or treating since he has neighborhood watch duties. Pietro volunteers to take the boys trick-or-treating. We see that Tommy inherts Pietro’s speed power and the three of them get into hijinxs causing mischief in the neighbourhood. Wanda tries to come with terms of why Pietro looks different. Pietro assures her he is the same person and recalls being riddled with bullets and then hearing Wanda’s voice. He tells Wanda that he is aware of her controlling things and questions how she is able to. Wanda is unaware. Vision explores the outer part of Westview close to the hex’s barrier. He finds the residents are stuck doing the same action repeatedly. He finds Agnes in her car stopped motionless staring through her windshield. Vision wakes her out of her trance. She becomes hysterical and asks him to help her and says that Wanda is controlling everything.  At the sword base we see that director Hayward is plotting to attack Wanda. Monica tries to convince Hayward that Wanda has no malicious intent and attacking her will cause her to retaliate and cause a war. Hayward feels that Monica is a threat and escorts her, Darcy and Jimmy out of the base. The three of them sneak back in to find out what Hayward is hiding. They discover that they have been tracking Vision through his vibranium signature. Vibranium is the material found in Wakanda and Captain America’s shield. Along with Vision’s signature they find Monica’s bloodwork. Her cells are altering because of her entering and exiting the Hex. If she enters the hex again it could be lethal. Vision then tries to exit the hex. As he exits he begins to disintegrate. Billy also gains power similar to Wanda and senses that Visions is in trouble. He tells Wanda. Wanda uses her ability to extend the Hex to save Vision, as it keeps him together. Darcy also gets caught in the Hex once it expands. Monica and Jimmy managed to escape the hex expansion because they were on the way to meet Monica’s aerospace engineer. Hayward also managed to escape.

This episode fleshed out Tommy and Billy to showcase their personalities and possibly show the introduction of mutants. They were born with their abilities like all the characters in the X-Men universe. It will be interesting to see how they fit into the MCU. I believe they are planting the seeds for a young avengers movie or tv show which they are members of in the comics. We still don’t have a clear answer as to what is happening. Characters continually say that Wanda is responsible for everything. Wanda herself is not sure what is happening. We still don’t know if the Pietro introduced in this series is from the Fox universe. A lot still needs to be revealed. I give this episode a 7/10. I am now caught up to the latest airing of WandaVision. Episode 7 will be reviewed soon. 

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