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REVIEW : WandaVision Episode 8

by admin

So here we are. After exploring the decades via sitcoms, we have discovered that Agnes is Agatha Harkness. A sorcerer who had been pulling the strings in the westview hex. She was the one responsible for bringing Pietro around and even killed Tommy and Billy’s dog Sparky. The episode begins with the background of Agatha in Salem 1693. She is tied together and is escorted to her punishment by cloaked witches. Upon tethering her to a pole the sorceress forms a circle around and fire their magic at her. One of the witches include her mother Evanora. Who found Agatha guilty of using dark magic. The magic soon appears to not affect Agatha and she turns the table on the rest of the witches by absorbing their life forms. Agatha eventually kills all the witches including her mother. The episode returns to continue the last scene of the previous episode in Agatha’s lair. Agatha shares with Wanda the extent of her power and is determined to understand how Wanda created the hex. She takes loose hair from Wanda. With that she is able to see Wanda relive many key moments in her life through a magically door way. They start with her old home in Sokovia to relive the last few moments with her family. In Avengers Age of Ultron we are told that a stark labeled missile was dropped in their house crushing her parents but not exploding. We learn that Wanda’s father used to sell old vhs and dvd copies of sitcoms through the decades and as a family they would watch it nightly to learn english. This shows the origins of the sitcom setting of the WandaVision show. The missile strikes while they are watching an episode of the  Dick Van Dyke show, forcing Wanda and Pietro to hide under rubble in view of the stark missile. The missile doesn’t explode and it is revealed that Wanda had use of her powers back then to prevent it from exploding.. It was thought by Hydra Agents that the mind stone was what gave her powers and she was viewed as a miracle. The next place to visit is the very same Hydra base where they experimented with her using the mind stone. We see the encounter Wanda has with the infinity stone. It reacts to her presence, activating and advancing her magical abilities. Wanda witnesses a premonition  in the Mind Stone’s light before passing out showing what appears to be a future version of herself wearing a more traditional costume. Next place they visit is the Avenger compound to see Wanda and Vision bond. The last place they revisit is the S.W.O.R.D base to see Wanda trying to see Vision’s remains requesting them to bury him. She visits Tyler Hayward’s office and he shows her they have disassembled him and tried many times over to do so with no luck. Wanda is heartbroken because she can’t feel Vision’s energy. She leaves the S.W.O.R.D base peacefully, different from the footage shown by Hayward which was doctored. After leaving the base she heads to Westview, New Jersey. Wanda drives through the town to see characters that we know are part of the hex. She stops at a plot of land that shows the initial stage of a house being built. She retrieves a document from her pocket that shows the deed to the land with a message from Vision that explains this will be their future home. Wanda becomes even more distraught and emotional. She starts to emit energy and begins to build the home and  manifests a new version of Vision, and ultimately creates the Hex across the entire town. Agatha has learned that Wanda is using chaos magic the whole time. Agatha has Tommy and Billy captive and identified Wanda as the Scarlet Witch title due to the mention of this witch in the dark book of magic. The after credit scene shows that Hayward has rebuilt Vision using Wanda’s energy in an all white version. 

A lot to unload here in terms of the narrative. So Agatha is a very old witch that played with magic that was forbidden by the counsel of witches. Her powers exceed all the other witches. She is intrigued by Wanda and her motivation through the series was to see how exactly Wanda created the hex. This shows that Wanda could be one of the most powerful characters in the MCU. However, what I found most intriguing is the fact that Wanda had her powers way before her encounter with the mind stone. This could be one of the ways of introducing mutants to the MCU. In the comics she is in fact a mutant. If she is a mutant in the MCU that means that they have been there all this time. Mutants of course include the X-men characters including Wolverine. I hear that Marvel’s next movie project will be called the “Mutants”. Perhaps this indicates that they will explore the place of mutants in the early days of the MCU. The mutants storyline throughout marvel history was dark. They were viewed as a dangerous group of people and were discriminated against by the general public. It will be interesting how they are handled in the MCU. Going back to WandaVision the all white version of Vision from the comics was a robotic character that did not retain any knowledge of the original Vision. I am assuming in the next episode the white Vision will be sent to the hex to stop Wanda. Paul Betty the actor was very excited to say there will be a cameo of an actor that has always wanted to work with. As I mentioned in a previous post, that actor could perhaps be an actor that was connected with the fox universe of characters. It would be such a big surprise and cause viewers’ jaws to drop if it would be Sir Ian McKellen. He portrayed Magneto in the fox marvel universe. Magento was Wanda and Peitro’s father in the comics. If not him maybe Hugh Jackman or an appearance form Patrick Stewart would have the same effect. The finale has a lot of questions to answer and has high expectations to fulfill. I am hoping to see more character background about Pietro and if Agatha is working for a bigger villain. This episode certainly delivered and set the stage for the finale. I give this episode a 8/10,

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